December 5, 2017


Classic Series Brochures Classic Series Spec Guides Classic Series Spec Drawings
Bersa A Cubicle System Bersa A Cubicle Spec Guide Bersa A Cubicle Spec Drawing
Bersa B Cubicle System Bersa B Cubicle Spec Guide Bersa B Cubicle Spec Drawing
Contemporary Cubicle System Contemporary Cubicle Spec Guide Contemporary Cubicle Spec Drawing
Liberty Cubicle System Liberty Cubicle Spec Guide Liberty Cubicle Spec Drawing
Kindy Cubicle System Kindy Cubicle Spec Guide Kindy Cubicle Spec Drawing
Pinnacle Cubicle System Pinnacle Cubicle Spec Guide Pinnacle Cubicle Spec Drawing
Regent Cubicle System  Regent Cubicle Spec Guide Regent Cubicle Spec Drawing
Windsor Cubicle System Windsor Cubicle Spec Guide Windsor Cubicle Spec Drawing

Exclusive Series Brochures Exclusive Series Spec Guides Exclusive Series Spec Drawings
Elegante Cubicle System Elegante Cubicle Spec Guide Elegante Cubicle Spec Drawing
Latitude Cubicle System Latitude Cubicle Spec Guide Latitude Cubicle Spec Drawing
Provance Cubicle System Provance Cubicle Spec Guide Provance Cubicle Spec Drawing

Lockers Brochures Lockers Spec Guides Lockers Spec Drawings
Lockers Brochure Standard Lockers on Plinth 1 Door Locker Spec Drawing
  Standard Lockers on Seat 2 Door Locker Spec Drawing
    3 Door Locker Spec Drawing
    4 Door Locker Spec Drawing
    Z Door Locker Spec Drawing
Standard 1 Door Locker on Seat Spec Drawing
Standard 2 Door Locker on Seat Spec Drawing
Combo Z Door Locker on Seat Spec Drawing
Combo Z Lockers with Shoe Box Spec Drawing

Seating Brochure Seating Spec Guides Seating Spec Drawings
Seating Brochure Standard Wall Bench Seating Standard Bench Seating Drawing
Standard Island Bench Seating Drawing

IPS Brochure IPS Spec Guides IPS Spec Drawings
IPS Brochure   Standard WC Units
    Standard LH Assisted Toilet
    Standard LH Double Assist with Shower
    Standard Double Assisted Toilet with Basin
    Standard Bedhead
    Standard Nursing Station
    Standard Nursing Station (in wall)
    Standard LH Dirty Utility

Maica Warranties Laminex Warranties Polyrey Warranties
Maica Compact Laminate TDS Laminex Compact Laminate Warranty Polyrey Compact Laminate Warranty
Maica Compact Laminate MSDS Laminex Multipurpose Compact Laminate TDS Polyrey Compact Laminate TDS
Maica FSC-COC Standard Structural MR E0 Warranty
Maica Fungus Resistance Test Certificate Structural MR E0 MDF TDS  
Maica Greenguard GOLD Certificate Compact Laminate Care & Maintenance Fact Sheet

JHW Warranties
Greenlam Compact Laminate Warranty    
Greenlam Greenlabel Antibacterial Compact Laminate Certificate    
Greenlam Greenguard GOLD Certificate Compact Laminate